Accommodation is being worked out in case

The patients identified would be requested to report to the hospital starting February 29.According to a report, India accounts for one-third of reported acid violence cases in the world. It is so good to see the society come out and help each other," she said.The team of doctors includes experienced surgeons from Europe and specialist nurses, who have worked extensively in the area of plastic injection moulding machine price acid violence in the past. Mumbai: Several organisations have come together to carry out 100 free-of-cost plastic surgeries for the acid attack and burn victims."We don't end it at just doing surgeries, we go ahead in bringing awareness about the issue at hand.

"A lot of doctors, army officials, housewives have reached out to us.On February 20, three unidentified motorcycle-borne youths attacked tribal rights activist and AAP leader Soni Sori with an acid-like black chemical near a village in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada district.""Surgeries will be conducted in a planned manner. There will be workshops and presentations at various night shelters and slums," Mishra said.Acid attacks in India (Photo: Facebook/Project Revive)The project has been conceptualised by an Indian doctor and would be monitored and assisted by a specialist from an international organisation of plastic surgeons and associated professionals.

About the project, Mishra said, "Pre-screening will be done based on photos received on Whatsapp or email.'Project Revive' will be undertaken in Delhi-NCR from March 1 to March 12.ASFI is a leading NGO for prevention of acid burn violence across the country, which is leading the outreach and acid attack victim identification under the project.'Project Revive' will be undertaken in Delhi-NCR from March 1 to March 12, wherein victims from remote and distant areas like Nagaland, Mizoram and Kashmir have reached out to avail the treatment, according to a statement issued by Acid Survivors Foundation India. It is heart-warming to see that Indians living abroad have been calling to cross-check the authenticity of the message and have been referring people," Megha Mishra, manager, north India of ASFI, told PTI. Post-operative care will be provided at the hospital."The campaign has garnered response from Kenya, UAE, America, Australia and Germany.

Accommodation is being worked out in case the patients require out-of-hospital stay for a longer time," she said.In past three years, the acid violence has gone three times higher in the country, and the recent Soni Sori case only reaffirms the menace that plagues the society, AFSI said. As per Acid Survivors Trust International, of the 1,500 cases that were registered in 2014, about 500 cases were from India.100 victims will be given a free surgery under the project

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Thus the endless parade of Internet-connected wine openers

A meat thermometer made by Apption Labs will send a notification to your phone app when your steak is fully barbecued. Some stuff is partially thought through,” Coughlin said.The reality is that it’s a lot easier to connect an appliance to the internet than it is to build “Rosie,” the robotic maid that TV cartoon show “The Jetsons” launched into the world’s imagination a half-century ago. But you never know, he said, because “sometimes people don’t know what they need until they see it.If u want to book an Uber ride from your fridge, Samsung has you covered with one of its latest refrigerator models unveiled in Vegas. But a maker of bottle-opening gadgetry, Coravin, lets you do just that. The device needles wine out of a bottle without pulling the cork. “Some stuff is before it’s time. Sakane’s bureau-sized machine is powered by hidden robotic arms and computer vision that can distinguish between different types of clothing. Instead, many of the robots coming on the consumer market are either toys or designed to be a more personality-driven version of a talking speaker.It’s unlikely that anyone but the most extreme wine connoisseur will need to track wine-preserving argon gas levels in a half-finished bottle of pinot noir.Today’s vision of a smart home has more to do with what’s technologically possible than what people really need.

“It could be a T-shirt. What’s new is connectivity and an app, so you’re alerted when the gadget needs cleaning or a new battery. The annual CES event showcases the latest innovations from big corporations and tiny startups..Rival FoldiMate claims to be faster, but the company came to the show for the second-year running without a functioning prototype.V. Rosov said the machine on display was just a concept model and the company hopes to start “early shipping” at the end of 2019. It takes 10 or more minutes to fold a shirt — making each cycle a 6-hour project. Others look outlandishly impractical — or maybe it’s too soon to tell. But it’s not for lack of trying. You can command a Whirlpool microwave to switch settings with your voice, but per regulations, you still have to walk over to push the button to start it (and of course put food in and out). Of if you’re looking for a water bottle that “helps celebrate when you’ve met your hydration goals,” the internet-connected Hydrate Spark 2.

“It’s a soft material,” Sakane said, clutching a white towel.Not that some tinkerers aren’t trying to come up with life-changing tools. All this reflects a cottage industry striving to imbue every last household appliance or wearable item with connectivityWhat one person considers a silly idea is another person’s breakthrough, and many innovations displayed at CES could find long-term commercial success among niche audiences even if they aren’t widely adopted, said technology analyst Tom Coughlin, president of Coughlin Associates. Some of these inventions could soon be useful to consumers.“Now it’s unthinkable not to have your smartphone,” said Witkamp, whose company’s Homey product links various connected devices to a single system. As founder and CEO Gal Rosov demonstrated putting shirts and towels on a top rack where they were sucked into the machine, a bottom drawer opened with pre-folded items inside.“It took us 13 years to reach this point,” said Shin Sakane, founder and CEO of Tokyo-based Seven Dreamers Laboratories.

His “Laundroid” clothes-folder — and the rival FoldiMate also on display at CES — are feats of engineering that also underscore the limits of current technology. It’s hard to distinguish.0 has arrived. Thus the endless parade of Internet-connected wine openers, water bottles, meat thermometers and refrigerators, and a dearth of automation that would clean and fold our laundry, pick up things around the house or assist ageing people as their physical strength wanes.” Priced at $16,000, the machine can take 30 items per cycle, though it’s still not terribly efficient.”

At CES, Coughlin said, “you see the hopes and PET injection molding machine dreams, the fantasies, both mad and sublime and clever things that people can think of doing.Sure, robotic vacuums are already cleaning carpets and kitchen floors around the world, but the level of artificial intelligence and physical precision it takes to do housework like a human is still a far-off dream for robot-makers. Similar scepticism now affects smart devices, he said.”In the Netherlands, start-up entrepreneurs often look mockingly back to a late-1990s video that asked random people in Amsterdam if they ever wanted a mobile phone, said Stefan Witkamp, co-founder of smart home startup Athom B. To repeat the display, he opened a middle panel where crumpled items hadn’t been folded at all

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The doctor in his statement said that the burn injuries

Relying on the testimony of a plastic surgeon from JJ Hospital, the Bombay high court has granted bail to an accused who has been arrested for setting his wife on fire and killing her in 2014. Chauhan was convicted for killing his wife Rita in 2014 at his house in Rabale.R.Chauhan’s lawyer Anjali Patil had contended before the court that in March 2014, he was returning from common latrine near his house he noticed fire in his house.

The division bench of Justice B. He put a quilt on her and tried to extinguish the fire and in SP smart power Injection Molding Machine Factory the process received burn injuries on his hands, chest and the upper part of body.Soon neighbours and his wife’s brothers, who used to stay nearby, reached there and started beating him.

The doctor in his statement said that the burn injuries received by the accused could be possible when a person makes sincere efforts to save somebody who has already caught fire. He ran towards the kitchen and found that his wife Rita was in flames. Gavai and Justice Sarang Kotwal was hearing appeal filed by Jalandhar Chauhan challenging his conviction and also seeking bail pending hearing of the appeal..While hearing Chau-han’s plea, the bench took into consideration testimony of a plastic surgeon at JJ Hospital where accused was admitted after his arrest. To save his own life, he boarded a local train at Mumbra railway station but was assaulted by his wife’s relatives, who chased him, in the train too. According to the doctor, the burn injuries received by the accused were severe in nature and they could be received if the person made conscious efforts to save a person who had already caught fire.Considering this statement and the fact that despite presence of several neighbours, the prosecution examined only relatives of dece-ased the court granted him bail on personal bond of `15,000 pending his appeal against his conviction

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The use of the medicine is subject to some conditions

Based on clinical trials data, India&wholesale HXF fixed pump Injection Molding Machine39;s drug regulator has approved itolizumab, used to treat skin condition psoriasis, for restricted emergency use on COVID-19 patients with moderate to severe acute respiratory distress, the Union health ministry said on Saturday."This indigenous drug has now been repurposed for COVID-19," it said in a statement."After detailed deliberation and taking into account the recommendations of the committee, the DCGI has decided to grant permission to market the drug under restricted emergency use for the treatment of cytokine release syndrome in moderate to severe acute respiratory distress syndrome patients due to COVID-19," it said.

The use of the medicine is subject to some conditions including requirement of informed consent of patients, a risk management plan and usage only in hospital setup.Biocon, a domestic biopharmaceutical company, has been manufacturing and marketing Itolizumab, a monoclonal antibody drug, for the treatment of patients with moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis since 2013 under the brand name Alzumab, the health ministry said.

The firm presented the phase II clinical trial results to the drug regulator which were deliberated upon by the Subject Expert Committee of the DCGI's office.Considering the unmet medical needs in COVID-19, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) Dr V G Somani had on Friday approved itolizumab injection for use in the treatment of coronavirus patients..The average cost of treatment with this indigenous drug Itolizumab is lesser than other medicines which are part of investigational therapies indicated in the health # ministry's Clinical Management Protocols for COVID-19

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If the files on the grant of contracts and the process

The thing to be avoided like a plague in the future is such litigation. They became like King Midas whose lot was not a happy one despite all the riches at his feet. This is where the new regime will profit most as all the revenue would flow into the game rather than see some percentage being routed through murky channels as it proved in the case of one leading administrator who upped and left the country, preferring to be a fugitive from the law rather than face the music over some Rs 400 crore of rerouted cricket money.The most significant lesson to be drawn from the whole legal exercise, which virtually ran for eight years after the original suit on conflict of interest was given a convenient split verdict, is that no one is greater than the game of cricket.

He had abused the spirit of the game in buying an IPL cricket team while defying all principles of conflict of interest and consequently raining upon the cash rich league the ire of the top court. One of them was so defiant of the Supreme Court that he had to be told he was not eligible anymore to contest for the post of BCCI president. He then manipulated events to bequeath his old friends in a political family an IPL team at an economical price after having taken it away from sporting owners. It may not have occurred to a politico that anyone could do a better job of administering the game than the high and mighty who used cricket to play God so they could enjoy the demigods of the game genuflecting before them. The BCCI can also look at the various injustices done to IPL teams that were removed from the league for flimsy reasons and for which arbitration has been suggesting solutions.

This kind of egotistical padding led to the building of personality cults, which in India are invariably supported by sycophants who know they stand to benefit. And then there were very few ‘honorary’ cricket officials left standing. Professionals are capable of providing this even if they do not bring the passion of the old timers who were the genuine amateur administrators of cricket before the game got rich and those tending to it lost their way amid all the money. The team needs no help from the administration except to look after the basic requirements of the game and its players.The very fact that three of the last four presidents had ignominious exits from the BCCI exposed how highhanded they had all become in their game of control.It is a shame that they were all so thick-skinned as to be asked to leave the arena, dismissed by the magisterial authority of the law, which they believed did not apply to them at all.

Team India has been doing well enough on its own despite the admin men inviting a bad name upon cricket by continuously defying the top court. Expensive lawyers are not necessarily cricket’s best friends.Financial shenanigans were aplenty as sports admin men always believed that certain leeway would be allowed in the name of everything being covered by the spirit of sport. Not even those who were generous enough with the game’s money to hand out some financial comfort to retired players. The point is that all largesse pivoted around BCCI’s copious funds and individuals cleverly projected themselves as benefactors even if they so much as gave money to affiliated associations for the development of the game. At the same time, they must be rendered incapable of the kind of manoeuvring that most top BCCI officials did. The second day of the New Year was a red letter day in the history of Indian cricket as the top court sent the whole caboodle packing with one lift of the judicial umpire’s index finger.A brighter future beckons in terms of financial regularity.The hunt must begin for admin men who understand the culture of cricket. If the files on the grant of contracts and the process of vetting the TV royalty deals were ever to be released publicly, too many officials would stand exposed.A small time politician who sprang quickly up the BCCI ladder became so obnoxious in such quick time that he spewed sarcasm on the top court’s directives to clean up the scandal-ridden game and give it high speed injection molding machine a fresh injection of transparency and accountability. The men who used the same money to perpetuate themselves in the world of cricket admin were clearly worthy of the punishment meted out to them. Why? Because the game of cricket, ever so popular in the country, has a few bucks in its bank account and they have access to it to bestow favours on fellow men.In one stroke of the gavel, they were banished to the wilderness, paying the price for their supreme arrogance and excessive self-belief in them being the only ones who could ‘control’ cricket.. Doling out BCCI money to fight cases endlessly in courts was a deliberate strategy and it did not take much intelligence to discern that around Rs 300 crore could be used for such battles which didn’t have to come out of the pockets of individuals

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Doubling as an exhaust hood above the range

Haier Smart Refrigerator.GE Appliances is the pioneer of many PET injection molding machine industry-first technologies. The first-ever full-size suite of connected appliances from Haier America features a sleek, minimalist style with integrated handles, WiFi connectivity, edge-to-edge viewing glass on the ovens and a French-door refrigerator with the most capacity in its class. Smart technology allows two levels of air volume for maximum comfort—high volume near the head and low volume for less-cool air around the feet—while smart ventilation allows users to continue to enjoy fresh air while the unit is running. The cooler also allows you to purchase wine directly from more than 100 wineries.Drop: The partnership between GE Appliances and Drop brings a layer of intelligence to GE Appliances’ connected ovens. Haier’s U+ platform—the foundation for GE Appliances and Haier connected technologies—makes seamless, whole-home experiences possible.At CES, GE Appliances and Haier will showcase their collective breadth of smart home products that save time on common tasks like planning and preparing meals, reordering household items, rewashing forgotten clothes and more. This innovation is a smart refrigerator featuring a 21. And for the whole home, Haier is focused on solutions that promote healthier eating, cleaner air and enhanced convenience and connectivity throughout the home.Haier Vertical Air Conditioner.Casarte Washing Machine.

Doubling as an exhaust hood above the range and faced with this unique, smart screen, the Kitchen Hub puts everyday tasks at eye level, eliminating the need to reach for your phone while you cook. Home cooks can preheat and control connected wall ovens from recipes within the Drop Recipes app, as well as choose from and bring to life more than 500 recipes enabled by the Drop platform right from their kitchens. The company has the largest suite of smart home appliances, with more than 300 connected models and partnerships with tech brands including Amazon, Google, Apple and Nest. The industry’s first fresh-air, self- cleaning air conditioner.Hestan Smart Cooking: Through a partnership between two culinary IoT leaders, GE Appliances’ new line of Café appliances includes cooktops and ranges with HestanCue, an app-guided cooking system with temperature-sensing smart cookware that automatically adjusts the pan temperature as users progress through video-guided recipes.)GE Profile Countertop Microwave with Scan-to-Cook Technology. (Available in the United States.5-inch smart screen that transforms the way users manage food and plan meals.Haier Smart Wine Cooler. Powered by the SideChef recipe app, the Kitchen Hub delivers an easier and more memorable cooking experience by providing home cooks with guided cooking and access to more than 5,000 recipes, with searching and filtering based on dietary restrictions, food preferences, cooking goals and more.

The first-of-its-kind smart Kitchen Hub helps consumers improve cooking skills with thousands of proven recipes and guided cooking; manage daily tasks, including calendars and shopping lists; and connect with friends and family through live video chat. Leveraging data about more than 800,000 different wines from around the world, the cooler’s smart screen provides users with information about wines, improving their wine knowledge and providing the insight needed to perfectly pair wines with any cuisine. Connected service enhances appliance performance and fosters peace of mind for users.Together, Haier and GE Appliances are the world ’s largest appliance company and jointly, they are transforming the way consumers interact with their homes.Highlights: GE Appliances Kitchen Hub.Google: GE Appliances connected products work with the Google Assistant to take connected refrigerators, ovens and ranges, microwaves, vent hoods, dishwashers, washers, dryers and room air conditioners to the next level with hands-free voice controls. It also helps extend the life of products through reminders, software enhancements and capabilities like remote diagnostics. The partnership also brings related notifications direct to mobile devices or through GE Appliances apps. Haier will unveil a prototype for the world’s first IoT-enabled wine cooler.Innit: GE Appliances and Innit partner to enable adaptive cook programs that are tailored specifically to the connected appliance and the food, enabling restaurant-quality results—with a single click—for home cooks of all skill levels

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A couple of corporates

With the influx of mountaineers and local communities opening shops and dhabas to make money, has largely contributed to the generation of waste such as plastic bottles, wrappers and cutlery. “I am soon going to adopt a village and make it Himachal’s cleanest village to promote sustainable tourism,” he discloses.“According to the footfall, I decided a trek route and started my work on it,” says Pradeep who claims that his team has completely removed plastic cutlery from trek routes like Kheerganga, Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra and Prashar Rishi Lake.Pradeep Sagwan with his team of trekkersA believer of education through action, Pradeep goes on hiking every weekend with other trekkers to remove non-biodegradable waste on these trails.

“That’s when I realised I am not alone. Little did they know that their rebellious child would one day build his own army. Later, the news really shocked them and they took a lot of time to comprehend this weird idea of mine,” recalls the hiker and confirms that everyone in his family is absolutely okay with his initiative now. “I think the Himalayas need my full attention. So it took me a lot of time and courage before I finally became a regular in 2016,” says Pradeep who later realised that he needs more helping hands to live his vision of cleaning the mountain ranges. However, a couple of private firms have come forward offering help.Asked about his next mission, he reveals his intention to set up waste disposal mechanisms at various mass tourism spots by the end of 2030.”Despite his valiant efforts, Pradeep’s foundation hasn’t received any aid from the government. I have regular support from friends,” he smiles.. Otherwise, it’s too difficult and embarrassing to go knocking doors for donation. “I wasn’t able to tell my family about my work initially. The engagement of local communities will be at my priority though,” he concludes. “I used to do it on my own but it wasn’t enough. While the activity promises adventure, the side affects of it on the ecosystem owing to the careless attitude of travellers, has long being ignored.Ever since he started the mission, cleaning of the Himalayas has been Pradeep’s sole focus. “There isn’t any issue with exploring… but it comes after collecting waste.

“I have been working on these routes for the past three years and we have completely eradicated plastic cutlery.With the track record of mountaineering approximately 1,000 km, Pradeep lives a very disciplined life and his sole focus is the disposal of waste.“I come from a humble background. And as travellers continue spoiling the beautiful landscapes of Himalayas, 33-year-old mountaineer Pradeep Sagwan from Charkhi Dadri of Haryana has taken upon himself to give back the mountains its peace. “I would mainly focus on trek routes for waste disposal and at the same time I am trying to make corporate/producers accountable for the packaging they do,” says the mountaineer. Interestingly, his parents had no idea of his initiative in the beginning. The idea here is to lead by example and revive dying belongingness of local communities towards the Himalayas. Disposing of waste at the source is a plastic injection machine Manufacturers big challenge,” he rues.Hailing from an Army school from Ajmer, Pradeep’s family wanted him to join the Indian Army. So it turned out to be worst and eventually best incident for me to know that I am doing the right thing,” he says.Recalling an incident from his journey, Pradeep shares that once he had limited money and had to choose between arranging food for the team or paying for the transportation of garbage. In the process, he has also introduced tree plantation at various routes.With depictions of alpine meadows, lofty trails, lush green forests and rugged terrains, films such as 3 Idiots and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani have lured many people into the world of trekking. Our next target is to remove plastic bottles, but it will take some time,” he explains.Thinking long term, Pradeep plans to adopt a village. The hiker further explains, “The Himalayas is our third pole hence too wide to cover.

“A couple of corporates, which have happened to see me with my team working on a trek route, came forward to help. I will continue what I am doing and speed it up a little too. It is not my cup of tea,” he smiles. After that the team hiked 60km to find the nearest ATM to have their food arranged. In a rather unique way to address the threat to Himalayas and their ecosystem — Sagwan has taken up the task of cleaning their most famous trekking routes on their own. Hence, I had to build an army of my own,” he adds.In an attempt to retain the beauty of the pristine green landscapes of the region, Pradeep founded an organisation, Healing Himalayas, in 2014 and since then he has collected more than 5,00,000 kilos of plastic and garbage from the mountains. At that point, his team decided to first dispose off the garbage and then look for food. “I have regular trekkers and volunteers

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If all goes well, Mumbai is likely to get hand

Union railway minister Suresh Prabhu launched the device for Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin via remote at Dadar and will be on a six-month trial. “The device can give out a unreserved tickets so we can use it during festival rush, for example during the Kumbh Mela or even during the Ganpati season when many people travel to the Konkan area on unreserved/general tickets,” added the official.

Trials for the machine were launched in Delhi on Monday. “The hand-held terminal idea has been brought forward as a way to minimise the need for opening counters and the manpower too. This is likely to also drastically minimise the investment in manpower, as well infrastructure for ticketing, a cost the railways have repeatedly said they cannot afford any more. The UTS application that provides daily tickets, as well season tickets saw a similar experiment in Chennai, before it was launched in Mumbai in October last year. We cannot hire anymore staff due to the financial investment it entails and hence are pushing Mumbai to be the first city to get the hand-held terminal,” said an official, on condition of anonymity..Officials also said that the device could be diverted from normal suburban operations to tickets on routes like Nashik during festive seasons. The portable terminal that has two gadgets will be provided to an officer who will be stationed at Thane, Borivali, Kalyan and Andheri and churn out these tickets during peak hours. City officials said that the plan was to introduce the device in Mumbai suburban, since it sees the purchase of approximately 40 lakh unreserved tickets (card ticket) per day.

If all goes well, Mumbai is likely to get hand-held ticket vending terminals in six months.The railway ministry is hopeful that after the failure of other ticketing technologies in high speed injection molding machine Factory the city, like the UTS app, Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) and the Cash/Coin Ticket Vending Machine (COTVM), this technology will finally be the answer to reducing long queues at counters.The device weighs up to one-kg and will have a mobile like device in which officials can punch the destination of the commuter and the printer attached to a waist belt will give out the ticket. Mumbai, which has the largest travelling crowd in the smallest section, needs the device to speed up the process of giving tickets and avoid long queues

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